Gearbox Series
Right Angle Gearbox-Catalog
Right Angle Gearbox
•Right angle installation, space saving
•It's easy to replace since that hallow and solid shaft type use the same model.
•Shaft combines with Gearbox by key way so that the strength promotes.
•The strength of horizontal/vertical load heightens by symmertrical biaxial shaft of structure design patent.
Planetary Gearbox-Catalog
Planetary Gearbox
•Small backlash, high precision, high rigidity
•Ratio 3~100, combining with Motor 0.1KW~5KW
•Integration of design, increase strength of structure
•Shaft fixing with double screws
•Special surface treating of environmental resistance
•Skiving Process for alloy steel
•Airtight design, no need to replace lubricant
•It can set with various type of Motor.
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