Controller Series
P502S (Communicated Type-Double Axes)
Communicated Type-Double Axes Programmable Controller
•Simple control
•DC24V signal input
•Power inverse protection
•Pulse speed is up to 4.9Mpps
•Use T-net which is consistent with Modbus communicated agreement
P601P(Single Axis)
Single Axis Controller/Single Axis‧Double axes programmable controller
• 8 sets programs position mode by relative/absolute coordinates
• Speed/position/slope set individually, maximum speed 60kpps
• Composing the completed system with stepper/servo motor
• Easy use by interactive input, with self-test function
• With the power opposition connection protection
TSP-2000S -Catalog
TSP-2000S (Simple Type)
Pulse Controller(Simple Type)
• There are 2 setting types of pulse quantity and operation pulse speed which from the knob on P.C.B panel or connected the external boxed header bus
• The max operation pulse speed is 2kpps
• According to the user’s need, the pulse width can be adjusted
• It has the external input signal contact such as START(start), SCAN(continuous operation),STOP(stop),and internal output signal contact BUSY(Operation), READY(Operation finish), PULSE OUT(Pulse output)
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