5 Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver
•Selection for 1~250 micro divisions
•Switch for two kinds of division externally
•Small volume, Simple controlling
•Reverse power connection Protection
•Signal input range: DC5~24V No need to connect current limiting resistance
TR514-1/2 (High Torque Type)
5 Phase Stepper Motor Driver (High Torque Type)
• AC110V/220V power input with compact size
• New driving type-Pentangle which is high efficiency,low noise and vibration, the characteristic of torque and response improved greatly
• SMD (Surface Mounting Design) design for raised stability of circuit
• With auto current down circuit it can depress the motor's temperature rising
• Self-testing/TIMING function and easy circuit inspection
• With over voltage protection function,auto current cut off when the input current over the rated value
TR515B.530B (Simple Type)
5 Phase Stepper Motor Driver (Simple Type)
• DC24V power input
• The machine case designed by airtight structure which can prevent the foreign matter entering
• RUN\STOP current adopted digital circuit design which with high precision of current adjustment
• Self-test function and easy circuit inspection
• Protected by internal PPTC, even if the wrong connection of the polarity
(+&-)which can be protected by the function
5 Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver
• Do not need to add the current limiting resistor while using the signal end with DC5 ~ 24V
• AC100 ~ 240V input voltage range, and it could reduce the stock types through one machine with multi functions
• With 16 options of the stepping angles settings, min divisions could up to 125,000 pulses/ rotation
• It could set up 2 different kind of stepping angles M1.M2 simultaneously, and easily set up 2 speed control through contact switching
TR34C-D (3 Phase)
3 Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver
1.DC power input
2.4 kinds of step angle which can selectable and the min 2400 pulses/per rotation
3.Current adjusting with high precision since number type of circuit ,Maximum current 4A
Small volume, easy operating
4.pleted functions which included the power against connection protection and over current protection
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