TR22H-D / TR24H-D-Catalog
TR22H-D / TR24H-D
2 Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver
• Small volume
• Easy Wiring
• Wide range of signal Input without current limiting resistance and switch
• Suitable for Stepping Motor in 4 and 6 wiring system
• Micro Stepping 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256(division/step)
• Drive current of up to 4 amps
TR22PG-D / TR24PF-D (pulse controller)
2 Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver(pulse controller)
• Drived by bi-polar and with 8 kinds of step angle setting for min 25,600 Pulses/rotation
• Driver including the Internal pulse generated function, small volume , easy wiring
• Speed regulated by SPEED knob on the driver panel, easy operation
• Operation smoothly with the acceleration/deceleration time setting
• Completed functions which included Inverse power protection and overcurrent protection
• Adjust the number of divisions(2 to 64)
• Automatic current down(ACD)
•Internal pulse generating(MAX SPEED 10k Pps)
TR21.22-1/2 (High Torque Type)
2 Phase Stepper Motor Driver (High Torque Type)
• Small volume
• Drived by PWM rated current and the circuit can suppress vibration which lower down the noise and vibration
• SMD(Surface Mounting Design) for raised stability of circuit.
• With auto current down circuit and it can depress the motors rise temperature
• Self-test function,easy circuit inspection
• LED monitered and displayed the driver's condition with full functions
2 Phase Micro Stepper Motor Driver
• Small, low price, high performance, high torque output
• 12 section micro step angle setting, Max.
• resolution 200 division
• Input voltage DC12V~40V
• Optical coupler input/output interface
• Using unique control circuit, effectively raising torque in high speed.
• Driving current 0.1A ~ 4A
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